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Letter from your Chairman

Although we are still in the midst of very challenging times, I truly believe our best days lie ahead.  All of us as Colonie Town residents have an essential role to play as we work to build a better tomorrow for our community and future generations. It is through Republican Party leadership over the past century that the Town of Colonie has prospered while maintaining a “home town” quality of living. In this 2021 election your Colonie GOP will not only demonstrate the sound, professional track record of our incumbent Republican Town officials but we will also focus on what our Republican leadership has to offer for the future.  

In 2021 we are blessed with talented, caring and public service minded Republican Town candidates who will endeavor to protect the individual needs of our citizens and make the Town of Colonie one of the outstanding residential communities of upstate New York. To that end the Colonie Republican Team is committed to ensuring that all aspects of our Town government have sound, professional leadership.  Please take a few moments to visit the various sections of our revitalized Colonie GOP website to learn more about our great slate of Republican Town candidates.

However, we can’t do this alone.  It takes volunteers.  If you have an interest in contributing to an open, vibrant and truly caring Colonie Town government, then please contact us by pressing the “Volunteer” button found in the header of this website.

Stay healthy, and thanks for visiting our Colonie Republican webpage.

Anthony DiPiazza 

Colonie GOP Chairperson  

Our Mission Statement

The Colonie Republican Party envisions a vibrant, prosperous and safe Colonie defined by a strong and stable economy, active and healthy families and responsive local government that serves all people while protecting individual liberty. Part of that process includes limited taxes and only appropriate government spending so we may maintain that important balance between the sometimes conflicting needs of our family neighborhoods and our business community. As such, government is solemnly charged with the responsibility to craft long term solutions rather than short term fixes. We will hold our government responsible for securing the safety of our families, for enhancing our communities’ economy, and for promoting fairness and justice to our residents as we all work together to maintain neighborhoods and the autonomy of our Colonie community.

Colonie Town Chair

Anthony DiPiazza