Get Involved

Your support of the Colonie Republican committee will help to ensure we continue to elect strong officials on the State, Town and Local levels. We are committed to fixing our roads, enhancing our parks, and keeping our community safe. For Colonie to flourish, it must remain an affordable Town for families and businesses. That’s why we will always hold the line on spending and oppose higher taxes. Together, we will continue to strengthen the Town of Colonie and restore the quality of life that for generations made Colonie one of the safest and best place to live in the nation.

Freedom and Limited Government

Individuals should be free from government interference in our lives.  Limitations on what government can and should do.

Strong National Defense

National defense and preparedness with intelligent investments that provides a military which can deter others from dangerous actions.

Quality Public Education

Provide avenues for all citizens to acquire a education regardless of class or wealth.

Bill of Rights

Out understanding that the Bill of Rights of the Constitution is the cornerstone of our society and should always be upheld.

Capitalism and Realistic Foreign Policy

Encourage capitalism as the best method to create wealth, a higher standard of living, competition and individual/group success.  Forging proper alliances on the basis’ of common ground and moral principled leadership.

Limited Taxes and Balanced Budgets

Believe that taxes must be sufficient to pay for the things we together decide to do.  Meaning a balanced budget is critical to reducing our national debt and enabling prudent fiscal policies.